Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Forward

This time of year inevitably sparks the inner need for reflection. Not only have we reached the end of another year, but also the end of a decade. While I have seen many year-end lists start to pop up just about everywhere, fewer decade-end lists seem to have appeared. Perhaps it is a bit too soon to put an entire decade into perspective. Nonetheless, I encourage you to think about the 00's in terms of the events and trends that we have seen in talent management and the impact they have had on your business. What rises to the top? Emotional intelligence? Engagement? The search for high potentials? ROI? Also, what are the new ideas just starting to take root today that might have an impact leading into the next decade? Share your thoughts. I look forward to the dialogue.

1 comment:

  1. I just read a good book by Mark Murphy of Leadership IQ called "Hundred Percenters." It turns the idea of employee engagement on its head by arguing that people do their best work not when they are "happy" or coddled but when they're challenged to perform just beyond their current ability. I think this idea is going to be big in the coming year.