Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Step 5 - Blend

Now it’s time for action. You’ve got the motivation, you’ve got the plan, now you just need to execute it. Key elements here are encouragement, feedback, a willingness to tolerate mistakes, and being open to experimentation. The plan for development, no matter how well crafted, doesn’t always work to expectations. Problems need to be spotted and diagnosed early, alternatives explored, and new approaches monitored for effectiveness. This is where leveraging others is particularly helpful. To the extent that others are aware of and understand the need that is being worked on, they can act as a network to provide feedback, advice and support. While it can be difficult for the learner to be open about his or her need to develop, it often makes a difference in terms of eventual success. Others know how difficult it is to change and often the learner’s willingness to admit the need for change and the need for help in changing can rally others around him or her.

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